Ariel Pohoryles
APR 9, 2020
5 min read
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Rivery is built to empower employees, teams, and companies with the data and IT infrastructure they need to outpace the competition.

With Rivery’s native Environments, we’re taking that commitment to a whole new level.

Environments enable customers to perform every phase of DataOps in a single platform. This is a game-changer for every organization, from marketing agencies that want to serve many external customers, to enterprise businesses that want to unlock data democratization and/or need to deploy test environments into production.

Read on to learn how Environments can reorient the way your company harnesses data!


Multi-Tenancy and Data Democratization: Make Every Team Data-Driven

With Environments, teams build individualized workspaces to achieve their unique data analytics objectives.

Environments enable diverse teams to use the Rivery platform simultaneously, without accessing non-permissioned projects. Admins can easily modify environments and user permissions as statuses change.

Environments bring data democratization to every team, internal or external, technical or non-technical. Now you can open up Rivery’s platform to anyone you want.

No more sharing accounts. No more relying on the IT team for data. With Environments, teams can directly access the data they need, when they need it.

Companies large and small use Environments for countless initiatives, including these popular use cases:

  • Internal workspaces, separated by department, team, data product, or project.
  • Workspaces for each phase of the development lifecycle (Dev, Test/QA, Stage, Prod).
  • External workspaces or OEM, wherein each outside client has his or her own environment.

Environments offer almost endless opportunities for data-driven teams.


Streamline and Simplify DataOps Deployments with Environments

For many companies, executing and managing DataOps deployments is the hardest IT challenge.

Companies with sprawling, frequently changing data ecosystems often find even basic DataOps modifications complex. But Environments can turn these projects into a cinch.

Using Deployment Packages, teams can merge rivers, connections, and other Rivery objects between two environments using point-and-click functionality.

No more manually adding and dragging data pipelines between two projects or modifying connection credentials/schema names. Now teams can import vast, complicated arrays of data integration infrastructure without the hassle. It’s simplified CI/CD workflows that take into account all the pipeline dependencies.

Environments also eliminate the need for additional IT hardware. Historically, adding a new workspace required a dedicated server to house the instance.

But Environments are built on Rivery’s serverless data infrastructure, requiring no new hardware to operate.

Alongside Rivery’s traditional features, such as pre-built data connectors and a no-code interface, Environments can reduce complex DataOps deployments into a few clicks.


How Environments Work: Building and Executing DataOps Deployments in Rivery

In Rivery, an Environment is a self-contained workspace for permissioned users. It’s a containerized collection of rivers, connections, variables, and river groups, as defined by the account admin.

Admins can easily view and set Permissions for each environment in the centralized user dashboard.


Users can toggle between their Permissioned Environments with the left-hand side menu.

A Deployment Package merges Rivery objects from one Environment into another Environment.

Choose the rivers, connections, variables, and groups in the source environment that you want to add or overwrite in the target environment.

See all the dependencies involved with your selection before you Deploy.

View and revert changes from Deployment Packages in the Deployment Activity section.

The power, versatility, and flexibility of Environments unlocks the full potential of DataOps like never before.


Rivery Environments: Drive DataOps Throughout Your Organization

With Environments, teams across the spectrum can access a whole new world of data, right at their fingertips.

Universalize the power of the Rivery platform, democratize data, and simplify DataOps with this powerful capability. And keep your eyes out for more blogs on the topic in the near future.

Reach out to our data experts if you have any questions in the meantime!

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