Change Data Capture
Best Practices:

Power Faster Analytics
and Decision Making

Data Practitioner Masterclass


Modern data sets and time-sensitive apps have outpaced traditional ETL methods. Databases need a better solution to meet real-time demands. Enter change data capture (CDC). 


CDC is now data engineers’ number one choice for data replication pipelines.


But replicating data with low latency and low impact on data source infrastructure from databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB is not a simple undertaking. To nail it,  you need to implement best practices for CDC.  


In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

–  When to best use CDC

–  The different types of CDC methods

–  What the ideal CDC engine looks like

–  How to set up and maintain CDC with a live demo


Your presenters:


Ariel Pohoryles

Head of Product Marketing


Zach Cie

Senior Solutions Engineer