MAY 4, 2023

The Bulk River Retry kit allows you to retry previously failed rivers in an environment on a schedule. This kit uses the functionality of the Rivery API and the Rivery Activities API to log environment river activities and retry failed executions.

Check out the Rivery API documentation here.

This Kit includes…

  • Three action rivers to refresh the data:

    • Action River to retrieve a list of environment activities.

    • Action River to execute failed rivers.

  • S2T River to load environment activities into BigQuery.

  • Master logic river that orchestrates these actions to retry all failed rivers from the previous day.

Configuring this Kit for use:

  1. One must first create an API token in the rivery environment where you would like to orchestrate river retries with at least the following scopes:

    1. river:execute

    2. river:list

    3. me:list

    4. activity:list

    This can be done by going to Settings->API Token->Add Token


  1. Once you have your token, copy it and save it to the connection details under the variable “token”. 

  1. Next, you need to fill in the account_id variable and “environment_id” variable in the connection details, you can get this from the URL of the rivery account/environment when you log in:

In Red is the account_id, and in yellow is the environment_id


  1. In this kit, there are variables associated with the destination BigQuery and database and schema, alert group, and failed river schedule filter where you would like to load account activities. These variables are:

  2. {dataset_bq_bulk_river_retry} – Name of the dataset where you would like the env activities table to be created.

  3. {Mail_Alert_Group_Bulk_River_Retry} – Comma separated list of email addresses that you would like to notify upon failure of the river.

  4. {is_scheduled} – This variable acts as a filter in the query to limit whether or not you desire to only retry failed rivers that are scheduled in the UI. This must be given value True or False.


Kits are imported with ‘blank’ source and target connections. In order to use the template, you have two options:

  • Swap out blank connections with existing connections

  • Add credentials to the blank connections that come with the imported template.

Have questions about this kit?

Send an email to helpme@rivery.io with the title “Help – Bulk River Retry Kit”

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