Do More. Pay Less.

More capabilities to deliver your data faster at a lower TCO.



For small data and BI teams
who need to build data pipelines
and manage workflow orchestration.

Key features include:
  • iconOne Environment
  • iconTwo Users
  • iconUnlimited Data Sources & Destinations
  • iconBuilt-in Workflow Orchestration
  • iconBuilt-in Version Control
Per RPU crediticon
Rivery Pricing Unit Credit
Credits are charged based on platform usage, allowing you to scale cost effectively. Listed price is for monthly billing, unlock additional savings on annual billing.
See FAQs further down on this page.
Custom Plans Tailored
To Your Needs
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For advanced data teams
with engineering capabilities.
Perfect for companies looking to scale.

Everything in Starter, plus:
  • iconThree Environments
  • iconUnlimited Users & RBAC
  • iconRun Python Code
  • iconBuilt-in CI/CD
  • iconAccess to Rivery’s API & CLI
Per RPU crediticon
Rivery Pricing Unit Credit
Credits are charged based on platform usage, allowing you to scale cost effectively. Listed price is for monthly billing, unlock additional savings on annual billing.
See FAQs further down on this page.
Custom Plans Tailored
To Your Needs
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For enterprises working
across teams and regions, that need
unlimited scale and extensive security.

Everything in Professional, plus:
  • iconUnlimited Environments
  • iconSingle Sign-On (SSO) & PrivateLink
  • iconAPI High-frequency Replication
  • iconDedicated Customer Success Manager
  • iconEnterprise SLA
Custom Plans Tailored
To Your Needs
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Plan Details

Starter Professional Enterprise


Users 2 Unlimited Unlimited
User Roles & Permissions
User Teams
Runtime Environments Easily deploy packages from one environment to another without writing scripts. Also perfect for multi-brands and as an embedding solution, leverage multi-tenancy within one Rivery account and eliminate the need for time-consuming deployment management. 1 3 Unlimited
Usage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Database Migrations

Connectors & Integrations

Data Sources (200+) All All All
Destinations All All All
Multiple Destinations
Kits (pre-built workflows)
Reverse ETL
Change Data Capture (CDC)
API High-frequency Replication API High-frequency replications may be needed for application data sources (APIs) that are scheduled to run frequently (i.e. every 5 minutes) and/or contain many different API endpoints. Contact sales if this scenario is applicable to you.
SQL Transformations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Python Transformations Unlimited Unlimited
Max Sync Frequency 60 min 15 min 5 min


Build Your Own Data Source
Custom Targets / Actions
Webhooks / Events
Rivery API Call Access
Command-Line Interface


Advanced Scheduling
Execution Logic & Branching
Sub-Rivers Sub-Rivers let you execute a pipeline inside another pipeline.
Pipeline Dependencies
Built-In Versioning
Execution Logs
Monitoring & Alerts


SOC 2 (Type II) & HIPAA
Custom File Zone Custom File Zone is the ability for organizations to ensure that data is stored within their own file zones, as opposed to being stored in Rivery's Managed File Zone. This also enables organizations to use the Custom File Zone as a data lake, where raw data can be stored before it is loaded into a Target cloud data warehouse.
SSH Tunnel
Reverse SSH Tunnel
AWS PrivateLink / Azure Private Link
VPN (for database integration) VPN setup is an add on that requires additional resources provisioning and maintenance by the Rivery team. Add to Enterprise plan for $2000/year.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Audit Log


24/7 Global Support
Onboarding Dedicated Solution Engineer on Annual billing only. Self-Service Dedicated Solution Engineer
  • Dedicated Solution Engineer
  • Solution Architect for Consultation
Account Team Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Slack Access to CSM
Enterprise SLA

How will you deliver efficiently?

Infrastructure / software maintenance cost

No infrastructure to provision like EC2 / VMs or software upgrades to manage

Dedicated pricing for high-volume replications

True data size based pricing for high-volume replications like databases vs. costly row based pricing models

Scalable per usage pricing

Usage based discounts and extra savings with annual billing

Build faster with fewer engineers

Build reliable solutions faster with native connectors, pre-packaged solutions and all the tools you need to quickly deploy a solution to production. Do it all without an army of data engineers

Fewer tools to manage

No dependency on external tool licenses for end-to-end data processes like an orchestrator tool or reverse ETL tool


Gal Bar

Founder and CEO

“We saved several $100K we could have spent on development and maintenance. Within a few hours, you can build a production-ready, scalable ETL system.”


Eric Sanders

VP, Business Analytics & Platforms

“We looked at Matillion, Informatica, Fivetran, Rivery, and probably four more. We tested every single one. We looked at features, pricing, and we picked Rivery. Over the years, we’ve redone that shopping and confirmed our choice – Rivery is exactly what we want.”


Daniel Rimon

Director of Data Engineering

“With a simple onboarding, you can save your business money in terms of development, maintenance & monitoring resources and get your data in a smooth and reliable way.”

Rivery Pricing FAQs

What is a RPU credit?

RPU credit = Rivery Pricing Unit credit:

  • Database, file storage and webhook sources are charged only on the amount of data transferred down to the byte.
  • Most application (API) based sources are charged for each execution of a data pipeline.
  • Applications (APIs) with high-frequency replications can be charged on the amount of data transferred similar to databases.

We charge you based on actual usage, not number of rows, allowing you to scale in a flexible and transparent way.

Why are Database and file storage sources priced differently than API sources?

Data replication from database and file sources consume less compute time and therefore costs less for Rivery, so we’re passing these savings onto our customers.

Can I estimate costs based on number of rows?

If you’re not sure how many GB per month you’ll need, and want an estimate based on the number of rows, we usually use 1,000,000 rows = 87.4 MB of data as a very rough estimate. This means 1 GB = about 11.4 million rows.

Please note: For database replication, Rivery charges based only on the amount of data transferred, regardless of the number of rows. This means transferring 2,000 rows of 60 bytes each, costs exactly the same as 12,000 rows of 10 bytes each (120,000 bytes).

How is RPU credit usage calculated?

Credit usage is based on data source and pipeline type:

Data Source/Pipeline TypeCredit Usage
Application (API) Based Sources You’re charged 1 credit every time you ingest data from a single endpoint.
Database Replication

File Storage Sources

You’re charged 1 credit per 100MB of data transferred (pro-rata), regardless of execution frequency.
Orchestration & Advanced Workflows (Logic and Transformations)You’re charged 1 credit for every execution of an entire workflow.

Here are some examples:

ScenarioCredit Usage
Ingesting deal information from your CRM once every 24 hours.1 credit a day
Ingesting both deal info & contact data (which have different endpoints) from your CRM every 8 hours, but just Mon-Fri.30 credits a week
2 endpoints * 3 times a day * 5 times a week = 30
Running an orchestration workflow that pulls data from 5 different API sources, once day.6 credits a day
5 API pulls + 1 advanced workflow = 6
You transfer 1,725MB of data per month between your Postgres database and your data warehouse.17.25 credits
1,725MB / 100MB = 17.25
You transfer 280MB of data per month from files on SFTP servers to your data warehouse.2.8 credits
280MB / 100MB = 2.8

Please note:

  • Simple “source to target” pipelines do not require setting up a workflow to execute.
  • For application (API) based sources, pipelines that transfer more than 100MB of data per execution, one credit will be charged per 100MB of data. If no data is detected in the execution, the charge will be 0.5 credit.


Python pricing is based on script execution time, server instance size, and network bandwidth.

For complete Python details and Python examples, please see our Python documentation for more.

What’s included in the Free Trial?

Rivery’s free trial includes access to all of the professional plan features, for 14 days or 1,000 free credits (worth $1,200) of usage, whichever expires first.

When your trial period ends, you can continue using Rivery by registering for any on-demand plan, or by contacting us to explore our annual and Enterprise plans.

Does Rivery charge per Connector?

No, Rivery does not charge per connector and there is no minimum or maximum on the number of connectors you can use. We believe in providing you with the best single source to efficiently align your data from internal databases and third-party platforms.

Does Rivery charge per User?

No, Rivery does not charge per user.
The Starter plan is limited to 2 users.
The Professional and Enterprise plans includes unlimited users.

Does Rivery charge per Environment?

No, Rivery does not charge per environment.
The Starter plan is limited to 1 environment
The Professional plan is limited to 3 environments.
The Enterprise plan includes unlimited environments.

Is there a minimum number of API integrations required?

No, there is no minimum on the number of API integrations required for an account.

Is every data source available on every plan?

Yes – every data source we offer is available on all plans.

Can Rivery connect to custom sources?

Yes! You have multiple options for connecting to practically any source, in addition to Rivery’s managed sources. Learn how.

How is Rivery different from other ETL/ELT tools?

The biggest differentiator is the completeness of Rivery’s platform, combining the ease-of-use of a no-code SaaS with the power and flexibility of a custom-coded solution.

Any user, technical or non-technical, can sign up (for free) and start building data pipelines and workflows in seconds.

On G2, users rate Rivery 9.4/10 in “ease of use,” 9.9/10 in “quality of support,” and 9.1/10 in “ease of setup.”

For more information, check out our ETL/ELT tools comparison page.

What if I have more pricing questions?

Please reach out to our sales team directly – we’d be more than happy to help.