Non-profit migrates huge volumes of “customer” data quicker and better

In just a few clicks, American Cancer Society replicated massive Salesforce tables in Snowflake, ending a complex and intensive data process.

Why American Cancer Society Chose Rivery:

  • Seamless connectivity to multiple data sources
  • Complete customer experience transformation
  • A streamlined solution to a complex data challenge

The Customer: One of the World’s Largest Cancer Prevention and Research Organizations

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is one of the world’s largest cancer prevention and research organizations. It has invested over $5bn in research since 1946, and it served 3.2m patients in the last decade. The huge non-profit was founded in 1913 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It has over 250 regional offices and 1.5m dedicated volunteers across the US.

The Challenge: Coping with Daily Demands of Migrating Huge Salesforce Tables

The American Cancer Society handles huge volumes of data, even though it doesn’t have “customers” in the traditional sense.

It adopted Salesforce’s customer relationship management software to interact with donors, volunteers, clinicians, and other stakeholders. And it opted for Snowflake’s data warehousing solution.

But ACS found that the ETL solution it chose, CData, couldn’t cope with daily demands of migrating huge Salesforce tables. It was also relying on Dell Boomi as a data integration platform, and Microsoft SSIS and Informatica for its data transformation. There was clearly a need for a solution that was more streamlined and more robust.

The Solution: Automating the Extraction of Large Sets of Data from Salesforce

Rivery is a game changer for the ACS. It has a multi-table function specifically designed to automate the speedy extraction of large sets of data from Salesforce. In just a few clicks, the ACS could replicate those massive Salesforce tables in Snowflake, ending what had, until then, been a complex and intensive process.

It seamlessly connects Snowflake to Netsuite, MySQL, Oracle and other data sources, thanks to its 190+ pre-built data connectors. Rivery isn’t just quicker, it also improves the efficiency and smoothness of the overall data operation.

Rivery also orchestrates ACS’s data in a single pipeline, using Rivery’s Logic River to automatically ingest it and execute SQL queries inside Snowflake.

The Outcome: Transformation of the Customer Experience

Rivery has transformed the “customer experience” for ACS stakeholders, improving efficiency and performance. Now, it’s working to overhaul more of its data infrastructure and operations with Rivery as the foundation.

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“A reporting process that once required back-and-forth between different teams is now executed ad-hoc by team leads in minutes, cutting time to execution in half. ”
Jean H., Senior Data Analyst
“A great platform which makes life super easy in pulling data from API's. It's also a great ETL tool, super easy and simple UI, easy to control all your process. Overall great experience.”
Or N., BI Developer
“The learning curve while using rivery is incredibly flat. Within a few hours you can build a production - ready robust and scalable ETL system.”
Morli D., Head of Product

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