The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.

With over 250 regional offices, and millions of dedicated volunteers, ACS is among the largest cancer prevention and research organizations in the world.

The Challenge

The American Cancer Society does not have “customers” in a traditional sense. But it does have donors, volunteers, clinicians, other stakeholders that deserve a superb “customer experience.”

To that end, ACS adopted Salesforce to gather CRM on these stakeholders to overhaul the way it interacts with “customers.”

But in order to generate these insights and analytics, ACS needed a way to replicate the massive volumes of daily Salesforce data into Snowflake. To accomplish this, the organization tried CData, an ETL tool.

But due to the size of the Salesforce tables, the tool was not entirely effective. After more market research, ACS replaced the tool with Rivery. Combining Rivery with Snowflake was a game-changer.


The Solution

With Rivery’s 150+ pre-built data connectors, the American Cancer Society connected all its data sources to Snowflake with plug-and-play functionality.

In a matter of minutes, ACS created the necessary data infrastructure to replicate the organization’s massive Salesforce tables in Snowflake. Rivery also easily connected Snowflake to data sources such as Netsuite, MySQL, and Oracle.

Rivery’s Salesforce Multi-Tables automates the migration of Salesforce tables into Snowflake. This capability turns the complex and intensive process of migrating Salesforce tables into a few simple clicks on the user’s end.

By eliminating this typically laborious process, Rivery ingests more Salesforce data into Snowflake, at a faster rate, while improving the efficiency and smoothness of the overall data operation.

After the initial set up, the American Cancer Society started to streamline data processes with features such as Rivery’s Logic Rivers. Logic Rivers automatically perform both the ingestion of data and the execution of SQL queries inside Snowflake.

With Logic Rivers, ACS could perform the entire data orchestration process in a single data pipeline, from ingesting raw data, to transforming the data in Snowflake. This enabled a more seamless data framework between the data management platform (Rivery) and the cloud data warehouse (Snowflake).

But the American Cancer Society has even bigger ambitions. Just recently, they began the process of overhauling data operations and data infrastructure.

With Rivery’s robust ELT capabilities, ACS can phase out redundant solutions, such as Dell Boomi for data integration, and Microsoft SSIS and Informatica for data transformation.

By eliminating these unnecessary solutions, Rivery can improve efficiency and performance with Snowflake.


The Outcome

The American Cancer Society defines the “customer experience” in an extremely unique way. In order to achieve this bold but challenging vision, ACS needs the foundation of a strong data operation.

With the combination of Rivery and Snowflake, ACS is on the path to reimagining what the customer experience looks like for a gigantic, multipronged non-profit.

It started with Salesforce data, but the digital metamorphosis is far from done. And it all depends on the bond between these critical partner technologies.

“A reporting process that once required back-and-forth between different teams is now executed ad-hoc by team leads in minutes, cutting time to execution in half. ”
Jean H., Senior Data Analyst
“A great platform which makes life super easy in pulling data from API's. It's also a great ETL tool, super easy and simple UI, easy to control all your process. Overall great experience.”
Or N., BI Developer
“The learning curve while using rivery is incredibly flat. Within a few hours you can build a production - ready robust and scalable ETL system.”
Morli D., Head of Product

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