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“Many tools in the market do API connectors for data sources, but our bigger challenge was to establish logic across multiple data flows that required multiple logics for our many partners that rely on different business models. Rivery gives us the ability to control and apply logics across massive volumes of data, from a huge amount of sources and types of sources.” – Tomer Cohen, VP of BI and SEO

Minute Media was founded in 2011 with a mission to build a digital football community grounded in tech. Today, the company has grown into a global media company with six online communities across a multitude of genres, including U.S. sports, E-sports, lifestyle, and more.

As a global company, Minute Media employs people across 13 cities and 4 continents, including 7 international newsrooms and video studios, a dedicated R&D hub, and an international commercial team.

Technology powers everything the company does – from the platform and the content to the experiences they build for advertisers, brands, and publishing partners.


Challenge: Centralize processes into a unified data hub for a single source of truth, easily generate ROI reports for different clients,  integrate 60+ data sources, and establish multiple logics across multiple data flows.

Solution: Eliminating the need for manual API connector development and maintenance through ‘off the shelf’ connectors and Rivery’s REST API Integration capabilities. Running simple logics to control data flows with the flexibility to run SQL codes with different logics.

Outcome: Ability to control and apply logics across massive volumes of data, from a large amount of sources and different types. No more valuable time and resources spent on manually building in-house logics.

The Challenge

While the company started as a sports publisher, it quickly evolved and grew into a much larger operation which provides multiple services to other publishers and platform partners.

This bigger vision includes offering partners technology solutions and tools including an online video platform, content management system as well as engagement and monetization tools.

As a result of this growth, their initial data ecosystem needed to be upgraded to support its new business strategy.

Minute Media sought to centralize its processes into one efficient data hub that would serve as the single source of truth. This would generate ROI and revenue reports for clients, third party publisher partners, and business partners.

In order to create ROI reports efficiently, Minute Media had two main data challenges. First, they had to integrate and connect all data sources (over 65 of them!) into a unified data hub.

In addition, they had to rethink data flows to apply the necessary business logic to their raw data in order to streamline the process of automatically generating data for company reports – both internal and external.

The Solution

Rivery’s platform was able to support Minute Media across multiple fronts so they could orchestrate a new data ecosystem.

Streamlining and automating many of their data flows was the only way for them to optimize the process of generating timely and accurate ROI reports for publisher and business partners.

Firstly, they had to integrate data from over 60 data sources, which is no small feat. Rivery eliminated the task of manually developing new API connectors when a new partner or client needed a new source of data.

From email data, to advertising data, to financial data, Minute Media’s data sources are as diverse as their wide range of business interests.

Rivery’s ‘off the shelf’ API connectors and REST API capabilities meant that they could get all their data sources under control right away. What’s more, they no longer have to worry about maintaining each individual connector every time there’s a new version of a third-party platform.

Secondly, running logics as part of their data flows was the real game changer for Minute Media’s data processes. Rivery enabled the company to control its many data flows, with the flexibility to run SQL codes with different logics.

This enabled the company to extract the data they needed, apply the right logic to the raw data, and generate data for reporting purposes. Since each of their partners works in a different way and uses different platforms, their data also comes in a different format.

Managing adjacent data streams with Rivery is now extremely simple for Minute Media’s team. They have the flexibility to control logics and all the ETL processes around it from a single platform.

With Rivery’s user friendly UI, the team can simply visualize the “rivers” assigned to all their data flows – allowing them to see what is running, when it’s running, the progress across different rivers, where there’s an error, historical data, and more.

The Outcome

Everyone in Minute Media’s BI team uses Rivery – to support the central data operations, but also to help local business hubs in New York and London become more efficient and data-driven.

Before Rivery, the team had to manually build all logics manually in-house. This was eating up a disproportionate amount of time and resources, especially when a new source of data had to be included into their BI ecosystem.

Now, the company has found the perfect data stack to orchestrate their data operations. They use a winning combination of Google BigQuery as their data warehouse, Rivery as the ETL and data management tool, and Looker as their visualization solution for customer reports.

The result is a much simpler, faster way to control and automate data processes – from data integration to orchestrating multiple logics that will be able to serve their customers and partners.

Minute Media’s new data ecosystem gives the company the freedom to grow and the flexibility to keep scaling with the insights they need for their teams and their partners’ teams to thrive.

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