Emaar Properties is an Emirati multinational real estate development company located in the United Arab Emirates. With over 6,000 employees and a market valuation of over $20 billion, Emaar is currently the largest property developer in Dubai. 

The company operates internationally providing property development and management services. With six business segments and 60 active companies, Emaar has a collective presence in 36 markets across the Middle East, North Africa, Pan-Asia, Europe and North America.


The Challenge

Like many other enterprise companies around the world, Emaar was ready to migrate their data warehouse from on-premise to the cloud.

With worldwide data to support thousands of operations and hundreds of projects, Emaar’s data team needed to create an optimal data stack. Their first challenge was finding a robust ETL solution to migrate data from across three different databases, plus a big Salesforce implementation. 

Snowflake provided them with the perfect solution as a cloud-native DWH with the capabilities they needed to optimize their data processes. However, while looking for ETL tools, they needed a platform that enabled them to extract data from the Appstore and Google’s Playstore.

This is why Rivery became an instrumental tool for Emaar. The Rivery platform provided the company with off the shelf API connectors that no other tool in the market could provide. 

“We used to spend half of our day monitoring data ingestion jobs, which we no longer have to worry about thanks to Rivery DataOps tools. Now we hardly spend 30 minutes daily overseeing these data processes which completely transformed and improved our day job.” – Sashikanta Lenka, Solutions Architect, Emaar Properties


The Solution 

Data migration using change tracking was at the core of why Emaar chose Rivery as their DevOps platform, as well as the ability to connect all data sources to extract data and create a centralized hub.

However, as their data team increasingly used orchestration capabilities and logics across their data pipelines, it has since become their control tower to manage their business data.

Working with the company’s lead solution architect, Rivery was able to facilitate a seamless data migration, pulling data from 46 different MS SQL servers. While the company’s use of Rivery as their ETL solution to enrich their data warehouse began in 2019, once their infrastructure was stable, they significantly expanded their activities with Rivery. 

“We used to spend a lot of time ingesting and validating data. Rivery’s integration with Snowflake was a game changer for us, it enables our team to focus our energy on analytics and BI.”  – Sashikanta Lenka, Solutions Architect, Emaar Properties


The Outcome

Data ingestion and migration was a first step to automate and orchestrate data processes, followed by optimization through sophisticated use of over 90 data logics, which are applied across Emaar’s data pipelines.

Rivery enables Emaar to centralize their DataOps and manage their data process with unprecedented agility and ease. Orchestrating a massive operation which pulls data from 46 different MS SQL servers, Emaar processes over 300 GB of data on a weekly basis.

Their state-of-the-art automated data flows include 250 rivers (or data pipelines) that are continuously running to provide Emaar teams high-frequency, near real-time, location-based insights.

“Thanks to Rivery, we have dramatically decreased the time it takes us to get the right data to the right stakeholder anywhere in the business. Reporting that once took us two weeks to generate can now be achieved in under three days.” – Sashikanta Lenka, Solutions Architect, Emaar Properties


“Great product - saves us lots of time on ETL's. It helps us to perform our ETL's very quickly, It connects to a lot of API's and saves us hours of coding and updates.”
Shmuel M., BI Developer
“Amazing ETL tool. Rivery's team provides unbelievable service.”
Tal C., Head of Information Systems
“Rivery gives us the confidence to know that any time we need data, wherever it might be on the internet, we are always able to pull it, use it, and make sense of it.”
Tomer C., Director of R&D

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