How Emaar Properties achieved a seamless data migration, pulling data from 46 different MS SQL servers



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Why Emaar Properties chose Rivery:

  • Readily connects all data sources
  • Manages processes with unprecedented agility
  • Generates reports in days rather than weeks

The Customer: Dubai’s Largest Property Developer Provides Services Worldwide

Emaar Properties is the largest property developer in Dubai, and owner of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. It has over 6,000 employees and a market valuation of over $20 billion.

The company, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, provides property development and management services globally. It has six business segments, 60 active companies, and a collective presence in 36 markets across the Middle East, North Africa, Pan-Asia, Europe and North America. It is also the largest property developer in Dubai.

The Challenge: Finding a Robust ETL Solution to get the Right Data to the Right Person

Emaar’s biggest challenge was finding an ETL solution, robust enough to meet its needs, as it moved its data warehouse to the cloud. Previously, it was taking far too long to get the right data to the right stakeholder within the company.

Emaar had already chosen Snowflake to warehouse its data from thousands of operations and individual projects, but was searching for a platform with off-the-shelf API connectors that could extract data from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It also had to migrate data from across three different databases, and handle a big Salesforce implementation.

The Solution: Seamless Migration of Huge Volumes of Data from Numerous Sources 

Rivery’s SaaS ELT platform provided Emaar with the missing piece to its data stack jigsaw –  an ETL that would track changes in data migration, connect all data sources to extract data, and create a centralized hub.

That was in 2019. Rivery has since become the control tower that manages their business data, as the team increasingly uses orchestration capabilities and logics across its data pipelines.

Rivery worked with Emaar’s lead solution architect to facilitate a seamless data migration, pulling in data from 46 different MS SQL servers, and processing over 300 GB of data a week.

The Outcome: A Centralized DataOps Solution that Generates Blazingly-Fast Reports

Thanks to Rivery, Emaar centralized its DataOps and now manages its data process with agility and ease like never before.

Data ingestion and migration was the first step to automate and orchestrate data processes, followed by optimization through the sophisticated use of over 90 data logics, applied across Emaar’s data pipelines.

Rivery’s state-of-the-art automated data flows include 250 rivers (or data pipelines) that provide Emaar teams with high-frequency, location-based insights in near real-time.

“Thanks to Rivery, we have dramatically decreased the time it takes us to get the right data to the right stakeholder anywhere in the business. Reporting that once took us two weeks to generate can now be achieved in under three days.” – Sashikanta Lenka, Solutions Architect, Emaar Properties

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