“The amazing thing about Rivery is that I don’t need to use it. I set it up and it just works, that’s the beauty of it.” – Elik R., Product Manager at Colu 

Colu is a fast-growing startup with an ambitious vision to change the way money is being created and used.

Colu created a digital wallet that encourages sustainable and equitable economic growth by supporting local businesses. It’s already being used locally with over 70K monthly transactions in Israel and the UK.

Colu’s team is a mix of tech enthusiasts, blockchain experts, product visionaries, urban operation heroes and design virtuosos, who are bound together by a shared passion for helping local economies thrive.

Colu needed to build their data operation from scratch, and as a young company without an archaic inherited infrastructure they needed to create the optimal data operation – an automated and self-sufficient service that would seamlessly align all the data sources in the most efficient way so insights could then be shared with everyone across the business in real time.

The Challenge

A year ago, the company used MongoDB to host their database in the cloud. However, as the business grew exponentially, they wanted a data warehouse infrastructure that didn’t require maintenance and Elik Rozenboim, Colu’s product manager decided to migrate it to BigQuery.

The new data system was not a simple migration since Elik’s ambition was to fully automate their data management efforts by aggregating all their sources of data – both internal and from third party platforms – into a unified source of business insights for the whole company.


The Solution

Colu’s team began a quest for a platform that would enable them to first swiftly manage the transition of their data warehouse from mongoDB to BigQuery.

Secondly, a platform that would give them the option to integrate additional data sources such as AppsFlyer and Mixpanel – while most importantly done in an automated matter, without the need from in-house development. That’s when they discovered Rivery.

A solution which enabled them to streamline and automate their data processes. In under a month, and without the need for a data engineer, Elik was able to quickly build the data infrastructure which included the integration from third party apps.

In his own words: “The amazing thing about Rivery is that I don’t need to use it. I set it up and it just works, that’s the beauty of it.”

The Outcome

Colu’s data operation now runs smoothly and automatically with Rivery. The team has a unified real-time insights dashboard which they created via Redash which pulls the unified data straight from BigQuery.

While at times bespoke reporting is needed, this insights dashboard is the central source of business insights for the entire Colu team.

Rivery was able to provide Colu with the fastest solution to integrate and automate their data processes, which would have required a full time member of staff to build and maintain if they wanted to achieve the same level of data consolidation and automation in-house.

With immediate access to their data and without the need to worry about maintaining their data infrastructure, Colu can focus on what matters most – keep growing their business.

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Or N., BI Developer
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Morli D., Head of Product
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Tal C., Head of Information Systems

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