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Webedia is a global media and technology company, specializing in the recreation and entertainment industries. While it originated in France, it’s now present in more than 20 countries, with digital properties that gather over 276 million unique visitors and 4 billion views every month.

Data is at the heart of Webedia. Their business decisions need to constantly adapt to how audiences are interacting with their huge portfolio of digital properties. In addition, data is key for the optimization of marketing and monetization strategies, which are the backbone of Webedia’s revenue streams.

From business executives to product managers, to editorial and marketing teams, access to data is essential for teams across the organizations to understand and assess consumer behavior and business traction.

Rivery is a key component of our overall data strategy and essential to manage our numerous integrations. I love the fact that we can easily integrate and aggregate all data sources with a fully managed SaaS ELT solution, and ultimately build a centralized source of truth to provide insights across our entire organization.

Emeric Trossat, Head of Data at Webedia



A central data team made of data scientists and analysts is responsible for creating the perfect data stack for the business at Webedia.

They must select the right data tools to unify and manage all their data sources, in order to create all their data pipelines and workflows. A centralized data team acts as the guardian and manager of the organization’s “single source of truth” and empowers all other teams with the analytics and BI they need to succeed in their respective roles. 

One of the biggest challenges for the data team was to find a SaaS solution that would enable them with quick, reliable access to data. Integrating data from dozens of sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook and Salesforce would require hiring a dedicated developer to develop and maintain connectors. While there are many ETL solutions in the market, they were presented with two big issues:

  • Those that are on-prem instead of real SaaS alternatives.
  • Pricing is often based on user seats or number of connectors or rows, making it difficult to predict future costs.



Emeric Trossat, Head of Data at Webedia, had previous experience with Rivery’s fully SaaS ELT solution and introduced the solution to the team as part of the ideal data stack for their business.

Rivery’s off-the-shelf API connectors mean they don’t need to hire additional full time developers to manage data integration from multiple sources and continuously maintain all the APIs.

Trossat’s team has full flexibility and freedom to slice and dice data and create as many pipelines / workflows as needed without having to worry about unexpected costs for additional connectors, pipelines or users.

Rivery’s ability to integrate multiple properties with a single connector is a major advantage as their team doesn’t have to manage individual connectors for sources, such as Google Analytics, which are used by over 50 properties within their portfolio.

For Webedia’s team, being able to rely on Rivery is crucial. Knowing all connectors are working properly and are constantly updated means his team can focus on managing incisive business insights instead of fixing or maintaining data pipelines.

As the data architecture for the business increased, Webedia added DBT to their data stack, which integrates perfectly with Rivery and the Google Cloud platform.


Rivery is not only used by the data team, but has become increasingly helpful for the data engineers at partner companies and to other employees within the IT department.

Most importantly, Rivery has empowered Webedia’s data team to unify and centralize data management, giving better and faster data access to the entire organization.

With a reliable and optimized data stack that the entire organization can rely on, Trossat’s team has automated reporting, so stakeholders can receive insights on a daily basis instead of weekly or monthly reports. This empowers the business to become more agile, with data at the core of the business and a catalyst for their business growth.

Since automating our reporting with Rivery, we can access insights on a daily basis rather than weekly or monthly and we have the certainty that we can rely on our data.

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