Alex Nelson
OCT 15, 2020
5 min read
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Check out our new Case Study on onX! Find out how Rivery, BigQuery, and Tableau formed a killer tech stack combo that empowered onX to overhaul its data processes and scale rapidly.

Founded in 2009, onX provides apps that enable hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts to turn their phones into a robust GPS system, without requiring cell service.

Headquartered in Missoula and Bozeman, Montana, onX recently received a $20.3 million growth equity investment led by Summit Partners.

onX used data pipelines to load data from several different data sources into Google BigQuery. But with a small business intelligence team, onX didn’t have the resources to handle all the back-end tasks associated with pipeline maintenance.

In particular, onX needed a solution that automatically adjusted to API updates.


Once onX added Rivery alongside BigQuery and Tableau, the ROI was wide and immediate. Together, this tech stack combo unlocked critical benefits such as:

  • Universal data source coverage with pre-built data connectors and a Custom API
  • Complete automation of the data integration process via Rivery’s Logic Rivers
  • Total data democratization, and streamlined reporting, for the entire company
  • Importation of more high quality data, at a faster rate, with Rivery’s unique ELT paradigm
  • Data system centralization that facilitated improved business processes

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