Daniel Buchuk
JUN 15, 2022
5 min read
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We’re excited to announce Rivery’s next-generation Change Data Capture (CDC) capabilities at this year’s annual Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas!

In addition, we’ve been recognized for our expertise with joint customers in the media vertical, and Snowflake has awarded Rivery with the Snowflake Media Competency Badge, which is part of the newly launched Snowflake Partner Network (SPN) Competency Program. 

Why Change Data Capture?

Rivery’s CDC automatically syncs database changes in real time with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. As a result, it enables faster data projects and minimizes resource expenditure.

In the past, database migrations relied on bulk reading and batch windows. Data was not synced in real-time. These factors made data integration more difficult, with data engineers wasting valuable time on source configuration. 

By contrast, Rivery’s new proprietary CDC uses near real-time streaming to sync a database with your cloud data warehouse using the best practices on each database’s demand.

By analyzing a database’s log, Rivery Change Data Capture detects data changes as they happen, and immediately syncs these changes with your cloud data warehouse.

In the words of Alon Reznik, Co-Founder & Chief Architect at Rivery:

“With our new CDC we wanted to create a smart best-in-breed CDC based on years of experience, and on the best practices and all other considerations to build the optional solution. The feedback from our design partners has been incredible and this will be a game-changer, especially for organizations that need to optimize the speed and value of high-frequency database syncs.”

The upside of Rivery CDC is that data is always up to date, with source databases continuously synced to the Data Cloud. No database resources are ever wasted. Database logs are scanned to track changes, which adds no additional SQL loads to the system. In addition, bulk selecting becomes a thing of the past since only the modified data is synced. 

Time-efficient and Cost-effective CDC

Rivery’s CDC streams continuously into a client’s staging area.

With certain cloud data warehouses, clients are charged for updating database tables with each new record. By leveraging the staging area, Rivery ensures real-time changes, while complying with industry best practices that generate significant cost-savings. 

Rivery Change Data Capture records metadata changes, so teams don’t have to track them manually. Customers never have to modify table structures and the feature also acts as a historical data archive, including for deleted rows.

Some customers are already reaping the benefits. The data team at Clear Company, a fast-growing talent management system, rely on Snowflake and Rivery to manage all their business data.

As a data-driven software company that’s scaling fast, the combination of Snowflake and Rivery’s full SaaS ELT gives them infinite capabilities.

With the addition of Rivery CDC, Clear Company is now able to sync all their data sources with Snowflake, helping the entire organization to access all the data they need, whenever they need it.

Django Bliss, CTO at Clear Company explains that, “the combination of Snowflake and Rivery gives our organization the perfect modern data stack to scale; and with the addition of CDC all our BI is always in sync and automatically available to the whole organization.”  

To learn more, read the full announcement on Rivery’s new Change Data Capture launch.

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