Kevin Bartley
NOV 18, 2021
5 min read
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With a novel lakehouse platform that combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes, Databricks offers data teams tremendous flexibility and superior performance. As a Databricks partner, Rivery enables Databricks customers to automate data pipelines without code, ingest more data, and orchestrate data through the entire lifecycle, including moving data back into applications.

Our partnership with Databricks is built around maximizing ROI and ease-of-use for our mutual customers. And today, Rivery is now officially a Databricks Partner Connect launch partner, taking our partnership with Databricks to the next level!

Databricks Partner Connect is the first data lakehouse ecosystem focused on making it easier to build data and AI products on Databricks. As one of the first available partner solutions in the program, Rivery empowers Databricks customers to streamline tool integration, access more data faster, and speed up time-to-insight.

Partner Connect: Easier Access to Data Meets Frictionless Customer Experience

Companies often struggle to stitch together the vast array of data sources and data tools that comprise a modern data stack. Inefficient time-to-launch, a dearth of data connectors, frequent API updates, a lack of interoperability between tools, and many other factors slow down or outright disrupt a data team’s ability to create a single source of truth and execute analytics at scale.

The fragmented, ad hoc process for launching data tools contributes to this deficiency. Companies have trouble integrating data tools to a source system, and lack the ability to instantly launch new data solutions when the need arises. This, in turn, keeps teams from accessing the data they need, as they need it, to build data applications and AI products.

But what if data teams could streamline this process of adding new data tools? Databricks Partner Connect eliminates the barriers between customer and solution by allowing Databricks customers to automatically integrate existing data tools and brand new data tools directly inside Databricks itself.

With a validated ecosystem of partner technologies, Databricks Partner Connect offers customers the best solutions for data ingestion, transformation, ML, BI, and more, all just a few clicks away. Databricks customers can use Partner Connect to instantly integrate Databricks with any partner solution featured in the ecosystem. That’s why Rivery is so excited to be one of the first solutions available in the ecosystem!

From start-to-finish, Databricks Partner Connect offers a frictionless customer experience, eliminating messy integration processes and start-and-stop external setups. Customers can access the data and tools they need, when they need them, and extract more value out of data, faster. This empowers customers to maximize the performance of data applications on top of Databricks.

With Partner Connect, customers can unlock a new dimension of efficiency and ease-of-use, including:

  • Simplify the user journey from 50+ steps to a few clicks
  • No context or page switches required
  • Automatically set up all the necessary spark configs for optimized user experience
  • Create trial accounts in the partner product for the first time users, right in the Databricks platform

Databricks customers can now instantly launch Rivery via Partner Connect to streamline and expand data ingestion. Harness the full quality and diversity of Rivery’s 180+ pre-built data connectors to start ingesting structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform right now, without any external configurations.

Connect to data sources with plug-and-play functionality, and utilize data pipelines that automatically adjust for API updates. Use Rivery’s REST API to create custom data connectors, and feed custom data streams to your AI and data applications. With Rivery, Databricks customers can also leverage:

  • Change Data Capture (CDC) to perform continuous real-time syncs between relational databases and Databricks
  • Reverse ETL to send data back into 3rd party systems and business applications (CRM, CDP, ERP, etc.)
  • Starter Kits to launch pre-engineered data models — pipelines, transformations, table schemas, and orchestration logic — at the push of a button.

See Databricks Partner Connect in Action

See how easy it is to connect Databricks to Rivery with Partner Connect — watch the demo video below!

Stay Tuned for More Partnerships with Databricks!

As of today, customers can now leverage Databricks Partner Connect to instantly integrate Rivery with Databricks, and start building data applications and ML/AI workflows in a few clicks.

Rivery is thrilled to stand as one of the first solutions featured in Databricks Partner Connect, and we look forward to collaborating with our partner Databricks in the near future on upcoming projects!

Check out Databricks Partner Connect and instantly integrate Rivery with Databricks right now!

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