Kevin Bartley
SEP 17, 2021
5 min read
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Rivery Kits empower data teams to deploy pre-built data models in a single click. Kits instantly launch all the pipelines, transformations, schema, and tables needed to structure data from leading data sources according to industry best-practices. With Kits, teams can speed up time-to-value for data projects, save resources, and enable any team member to launch data models.

Rivery consistently releases new Kits to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers. Rivery’s Kit Hub — the central repository for all our Kits — expands almost weekly with new entries from our dedicated Solutions Architects team. As Q3 comes to a close, we want to highlight some of the top Kits we produced this quarter, and show how they help our customers win with data.

1. Tableau Refresh Kit

Data Source: Rest API
Cloud Data Warehouse: Any (Snowflake, Azure, BigQuery, Redshift)


The Tableau Refresh Kit automatically updates Tableau dashboards and data sources. Typically, teams use preset schedulers to refresh data sources in Tableau, but this method can lead to outdated reports. The Tableau Refresh Kit eliminates lag time in reporting and streamlines analysis and insights.

How It Works

This Kit uses Action Rivers to automatically update data sources in Tableau. The Action Rivers run directly after a data pipeline is executed, so the new data is immediately sent to Tableau. This Kit includes:

  • Three action rivers to refresh the data:
    • Sign in/Retrieve API Token
    • Get Datasource ID(s)
    • Refresh Datasource(s)
  • Master logic river that orchestrates these actions to refresh the selected data sources (see screenshot below).

Here’s an example that uses Facebook Ads as a data source. The Facebook Ads data flows into the Master Logic River that contains the Action Rivers.

The Master Logic River then executes these Action Rivers to send data to Tableau.

And the best part? All of this is already pre-designed for you — you just have to click a button to launch the Kit.

2. TikTok Kit

Data Source: TikTok
Cloud Data Warehouse: Snowflake, BigQuery/Google Cloud Storage


Rivery’s TikTok Kit (Snowflake, BigQuery/Google Cloud Storage) combines data from multiple entities in the TikTok Marketing API and provides a full data model for tracking paid TikTok performance and insight analysis. This Kit enables marketing teams to manage and plan ad spends without having to build a data model or update associated pipelines.

How It Works

The Tik Tok Kit creates a data model with related paid entities by using Logic Rivers to orchestrate and transform raw TikTok data. The Kit includes data ingestion from the following TikTok entities:

View the TikTok Kit’s data model and data flow in the diagrams below:

Again, all of this is pre-built for you — you just have to launch the Kit.

3. Kit

Data Source:
Cloud Data Warehouse: Snowflake


The Kit (Snowflake) pulls data from multiple reports into Snowflake. The Kit uses these reports to recreate boards as views within the database. This enables teams to track, plan, and optimize projects and initiatives across an organization outside of

How It Works

The Kit uses a master orchestration Logic River to recreate each board and sub-items board within Snowflake. To get specific boards as tables in Snowflake, you must filter the Monday – Boards report. This table provides the Logic River with the boards to replicate. The sub-items within a board are all combined into one sub-items board per Parent board.

This Kit includes data ingestion rivers for the following reports:

View the Kit’s data model and data flow in the diagrams below:

And you don’t have to build anything — it’s available in a click.

4. Zendesk Kit

Data Source: Zendesk
Cloud Data Warehouse: Snowflake, BigQuery/Google Cloud Storage


The Zendesk Kit (Snowflake, BigQuery/Google Cloud Storage) merges several ticket-based reports into a large dimension and metrics table, enabling the Customer Success team to drive support and superior performance using aggregated data.

How It Works

The Zendesk Kit creates a data model by using a Logic River to orchestrate and transform raw Zendesk data. This Kit includes data ingestion rivers for the following entity and statistical reports:

View the Zendesk Kit’s data model and data flow in the diagrams below:

Deploy the Zendesk Kit instantly from Rivery’s Kit Hub.

Stay Tuned for Kits in Q4!

As the data needs and use cases of our customers continue to evolve, look out for more new Kits in the near future! Q3 brought some awesome additions, but don’t sleep on Q4. We have some brand new Kits that will blow your mind! Stay tuned.

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