Rivery's big data integration tools and data management system enables automated data integration in the cloud. Rivery is a code free intuitive Saas Integration tool that allows you to focus on insights and actions, while we build and maintain your data pipelines. Data Orchestration and Data Automation for Business Insights & Analytics

Data Orchestration

Data Orchestration

Connect and orchestrate all data sources, whether these are in-house or from third-party platforms.

Create the most efficient serverless data pipeline that aligns all your insights in real time is imperative to run a data-driven business. Rivery helps businesses orchestrate data sources and automate data processes so every team can access critical business insights and analytics whenever they need them.

Streamline the entire process

from data warehouse to insight & reporting dashboards. Automate your entire data pipeline so your insights are always accurate and up to date.

No development overheads

don’t waste the time of your development team. Empower your BI team with a solution that is easy to adopt and manage.

Aling all data sources:

including internal data and from third party platforms (i.e. analytics, advertising,etc). Aggregating all your data unifies insights, giving your team a single source of truth for better decision making.

Scaling capabilities

equip your team with limitless growth for your data pipelines. Scale your data operations efficiently with tools that support your insights to continuously improve 
and evolve.

Discover how leading data-driven companies leverage Rivery to orchestrate all their business data:
cignal.io data integration solutions case study
Cignal.io develops CORE, a programmatic AI-based solution, to accelerate the performance of digital advertising ecosystems. With the power of Predictive Bidstream, CORE helps advertisers and media-buyers to overcome the industry's overflow of data and clutter.
roojom etl saas case study
Roojoom developed a Personal Customer Journey platform that enables brands to gain control over each customer’s personal journey, advancing business objectives such as service utilization, upselling and self-service.