DoubleVerfiy Drastically Cuts Developer Time in Move to Cloud


faster time to value


saved on FTE








DoubleVerify gives brands the assurances they need that their advertising is appearing in a quality environment – namely, that the ad has the opportunity to be seen by a real human, in a brand-suitable environment, in the intended geography.

The company pioneered digital verification and now provides the world’s largest brands, platforms and publishers with software for digital media measurement, data management, and analytics.

Hundreds of companies across every major vertical, including financial services, telecom, automotive, retail, CPG, travel, luxury and pharmaceuticals use DoubleVerify’s unbiased data and analytics. It drives campaign quality and effectiveness, and maximizes return on digital advertising investments.

DoubleVerify also has dedicated teams working on cutting-edge solutions — from identifying the latest fraud schemes to safeguarding brand reputation across devices and emerging channels.

Rivery lets you choose from a myriad of sources and targets, and gives you the flexibility to move the data very fast between systems.

Srivididya Chilakamarri, Data Team Lead



DoubleVerify is in the process of moving some of its data to the cloud, so it can focus on business goals rather than infrastructure.

A five-strong team of developers was working full-time, rewriting code so that dimension tables could be transferred to the new system, with the ever-present risk of introducing bugs. There was a clear need for a platform that would spare them that burden and allow them to readily move huge amounts of data from many sources to multiple targets.



Rivery is a single platform that does exactly that, often in a single click, with its ability to instantly create powerful and automated data pipelines.

We now have a single platform that takes care of all of these things and makes life a lot easier, said Srivididya Chilakamarri, who manages the company’s data systems. It lets you choose from a myriad of sources and targets, and gives you the flexibility to move the data very fast between systems. It also allows us to branch from the data, add some logical steps and make our own customizations.


faster time to value when migrating pipelines
Days (instead of 2 weeks) to copy tables from Google Cloud
New data developer hires not needed, eliminating huge drain on resources
Saved on annual engineer salaries as there’s no need for extra FTE, thanks to user customizations

Rivery’s solution was implemented in under one week and made an immediate and dramatic difference.

Rivery Logic Rivers mean team members can automatically orchestrate and transform their entire data workflow, from start to finish, in just a few minutes. It drastically cuts developing and testing times.

Copying seven or eight tables of data from Google Cloud, a task that would typically take more than three weeks to code manually, now takes under two days.

Newcomers to the company can now get by with little data engineering experience and minimal coding effort. Some of the team members at DoubleVerify favor change tracking to pull in data, others preferred temporal tables. Rivery provides for both.

DoubleVerify is now looking at rolling out Rivery beyond the reporting teams, which are currently using it.

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