Kevin Bartley
AUG 5, 2021
5 min read
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We’re excited to announce that G2 named Rivery a winner in three categories in the Summer 2021 Grid® Report for ETL Tools, including Momentum Leader, Easiest to Do Business With, and High Performer. Here’s a summary of each category, including why Rivery won each accolade.


What is G2’s Grid® Report?

With over 1 million reviews from confirmed product users, G2 offers an unfiltered view into leading technology solutions. G2’s Grid® Report for ETL Tools represents the democratic voice of real ETL software users, rather than the subjective opinion of analysts and industry-insiders. G2’s Grid® Report rates and ranks products from the ETL Tools category algorithmically based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.


Rivery Wins: Easiest to Do Business With, Higher Performer, and Momentum Leader

Rivery took first place overall in G2’s Easiest To Do Business With category. By leveraging real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of relationship-related review questions, G2 scored Rivery the highest on the “ease of doing business with” metric in the Grid® Report among the market’s top ETL tools. Listen to what some of G2’s verified reviewers said about doing business with Rivery:

“The world’s best support, always available and accommodating. I have learned an incredible amount about data management thanks to the help we have received through Rivery. The service itself is incredibly user-friendly, easy to understand and adaptable to our needs.”

Adam Åhman, Data Analysis & Conversion Specialist, Bright Media Agency

“First and foremost, even before the platform itself – the response time from the support team is very short. The support team also listens to your requests and questions, and are doing their best to provide a solution. You really feel that there is a genuine will to help. The platform itself is really easy to use, even REST APIs are easy to set up. It literally took us only a few days to integrate to multiple sources instead of weeks and months of what the data engineering team planned.”

Doron Hadar, BI and Analytics Manager, Hotelbeds

“Phenomenal customer care and support.”

Executive Sponsor in Insurance

Rivery was a winner in G2’s “High Performer” category for Summer 2021. This category is reserved for products with high customer satisfaction scores and an up-and-coming market presence. High scores in key G2 metrics, including Quality of Support (99%), Ease of Use (95%), and Ease of Admin (95%), pushed Rivery into the High Performer cohort.

G2 named Rivery a “Momentum Leader” in the Summer 2021 Grid Report. A product’s Momentum score is calculated by an algorithm that factors in social, web, employee, and review data. In addition to Rivery’s high G2 ratings, Rivery generated momentum in the industry with big announcements in the past few months, including a $16M Series A round, Rivery CLI, Snowpark integration, our partnership with Databricks, and more.


We’re Happy for G2’s Recognition. Now On to Fall 2021!

We’re thrilled that G2’s verified customer reviews made us a winner for so many top categories in the Summer 2021 Grid® Report for ETL tools. But our work isn’t done yet! In Fall 2021, we want our platform to win even more G2 categories, so stay tuned as we triple down on our customer-first philosophy in the coming months.

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