Alison uses Rivery’s API to scale multi-tenant pipelines

10 minutes

Instead of 2 hours to stand up new pipelines


of manual work time reduced

No need for extra FTE

with fully-managed pipelines



Digital Native




Rivery has helped us develop pipelines faster with less DevOps and coding, saving us a significant amount of time. It now takes us a few minutes to get the data we need.


Koby Berkovich, CTO and VP R&D, Alison


Alison.ai is an award-winning AI-powered video creative analysis platform. Their proprietary computer vision technology and machine learning systems optimize marketing campaign performance and automate ad creative. Alison.ai empowers marketers and advertisers to quantify, analyze, and optimize their campaigns at scale.


Alison.ai needed to manage third-party data required to provide AI-driven insights and predictive AI to help their clients understand and optimize their ad performance on different marketing and advertising platforms. Alison.ai needed to consolidate data and deliver critical analytics to a wide range of clients across different channels: TikTok, Google, Facebook and Snapchat. Alison.ai spent hours extracting historical marketing data for each new and existing client and were seeking a better solution to scale their entire data operations and automate labor-intensive data retrieval processes, prone to errors.


Alison.ai overcame these challenges by implementing Rivery as their trusted DataOps engine. Rivery’s Sub Rivers and API, have provided them with a solution they could apply at scale across hundreds of clients. The solution features several key benefits:

  • Multi-tenant data pipelines: Alison has set up a data pipeline template for each marketing source (Parent River) and customizes it per client. They create Sub Rivers for clients according to specific credentials and regions. 

Multi-tenant data pipelines

Multi-tenant data pipeline for TikTok – each advertiser that Alison.ai serves is a tenant getting its own sub-river (pipeline) based on a list of advertisers.  

  • Automating critical processes: Alison.ai uses Rivery’s API via Python scripts and triggers the creation and deletion of Sub Rivers for different use cases like client onboarding, historical data retrieval, and benchmark tests.

Data pipelines multi-tenant architecture

Data pipelines multi-tenant architecture

  • Transformation: Alison.ai efficiently orchestrates and transforms their data using logic rivers so the ELT process is in sync with the ingestion process, ensuring seamless data management. 

Using logic rivers has totally transformed our data flow. Our ELT process is now directly in sync with our ingestion process, making it so much easier and faster to deliver data-driven AI insights to our clients.


Shira Shechtman, Data Engineer, Alison


From 2 hours to minutes
Now it only takes a few minutes to automate critical processes like onboarding new clients and retrieving critical data to optimize creative ad and marketing performance.
Saved costs on FTE
Rivery’s Sub Rivers alleviate the need for a dedicated data engineer to manage pipelines, data is managed for each client separately at the same time.
Architecture simplification
Thanks to Rivery’s orchestration, Alison.ai doesn’t need to use another tool, like Airflow, to monitor and schedule pipelines or manage any additional infrastructure. This has led to cost savings and a boost in operational efficiency.

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