Learn how Entravision now builds their data pipelines to streamline operational reporting, removing data consultant reliance








After moving from on-premise to cloud-based software, Entravision’s ERP and CRM data was no longer stored on-site SQL servers, necessitating a data pipeline that could streamline operational reporting.

  • Rivery anchored a seamless, comprehensive BI stack featuring Snowflake and Tableau.
  • Rivery’s built-in connectors, scheduling tool, and direct SQL push laid the foundations for robust operational reporting. 
  • Rivery’s automated data pipeline freed the BI team from tedious, manual ETL tasks, so they could focus on analyzing and presenting data.  
  • The BI team used Rivery to easily create reports, serving them to stakeholders in simple dashboards, while eliminating outside data consultants.


Entravision Communications is a leading global media company that reaches and engages U.S. Latinos as well as consumers in Mexico and Latin America.

The company incorporates integrated media and marketing solutions, including television, radio, digital properties, events, and data analytics.

Entravision has 55 primary television stations and is the largest affiliate group of Univision and UniMás. The company also owns and operates 49 primarily Spanish-language radio stations featuring nationally recognized talent.

Entravision’s digital advertising unit is ranked first in worldwide Hispanic reach, according to comScore. The company’s digital group also includes Headway, a leading provider of mobile, programmatic, and performance digital marketing solutions primarily in the United States, Mexico, and other markets in Latin America.


The Challenge

A core challenge for Entravision’s BI team was combining a multitude of diverse data sets to facilitate operational reporting.

With Entravision’s transition from on-premise to cloud-based software, ERP and CRM data was no longer stored in on-site SQL servers, increasing the complexity of reporting across the board.  

To facilitate reporting, the BI team had to create a data warehouse that could collect, transform, manipulate, and serve business data to all stakeholders on the operations, sales, and finance teams.

This required Entravision to find a hands-off data integration solution that could extract and load various data sets into the warehouse automatically.

The Solution

After researching multiple data pipeline solutions, Entravision discovered that Rivery met the team’s needs – and then some.  With built-in connectors, a scheduling tool, and the ability to push SQL directly into the database warehouse, Rivery laid the foundations for robust operational reporting.

With Snowflake as a database warehouse, and Tableau as a visualization/reporting tool, Rivery completed Entravision’s BI stack with a seamless and automated data pipeline solution. 

Right from the start, Entravision was able to quickly configure Rivery to connect and load all the team’s varied data sources in a few clicks.

Rivery immediately solved a specific problem with one of Entravision’s datasets, combining over one hundred nearly identical tables into one destination table with a single data pipeline, or “river”.

Entravision soon created over 150 data pipelines, each executing anywhere from multiple times per day to once a month. Some rivers simply pushed data, while other logic-based data pipelines passed SQL code to transform data.

These automated data pipelines eliminated tedious, manual ETL tasks, enabling the Entravision team to focus on analyzing and presenting data.

Prior to Rivery, Entravision had to hire external consultants to develop customized ERP and CRM reports. Business users relied on VLOOKUP to combine Excel spreadsheets from various data systems.

But after adopting Rivery, Entravision’s BI team was able to quickly and easily write reports using SQL and serve them to stakeholders in simple dashboards.

The Outcome

In just three months, Entravision maximized its business data processes by using Rivery to anchor a Snowflake/Tableau combination. With Rivery, Entravision built a fully optimized BI stack, erasing the time consuming manual tasks typically associated with ETL, and eliminating the need for paid data consultants.

Most importantly, Rivery’s serverless data platform gave Entravision total control over its data, enabling the media company to gather, transform, share, and report critical business intelligence with unprecedented efficiency and clarity.

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