How Oxford Communications scales their DataOps and presents data to clients without limitations








Oxford Communications is a fully integrated marketing agency at the forefront of innovation. With over 30 years of experience, they’ve grown to become the 6th largest marketing agency in New Jersey, with a team of 45 professionals working for top-tier clients across many industries including consumer services, consumer packaged goods, healthcare and real estate.

Two years ago Oxford set out an ambitious mission to put together a reporting dashboard that aggregated all sources of data – a tool that could be used both internally and with clients to measure performance.

This would enable them to accurately measure the success of their campaigns in real-time and in addition, provide their customers will full visibility on their marketing investment.

The Challenge

While there were numerous “off the shelf” dashboard and reporting tools available on the market, none of them were able to provide 100% of what they needed.

Since they use many diverse sources of data, finding the perfect reporting tool that would align with all their needs and KPIs became a near impossible task.

As a result, to gain flexibility with marketing data, they decided to design their own data warehouse by leveraging tools such as Rackspace Cloud Services and Google BigQuery.


The Solution

Oxford Communication’s development team started building API connections for some of the major tools and applications used in their campaigns, such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics – creating bespoke dashboards that meet client needs.

However, very quickly they started receiving more and more requests from clients about adding additional connections.

That’s when they discovered Rivery, a solution which would empower Oxford to build exceptional dashboards for its clients without having to worry about possible delays in building new connections – especially in a fast-moving industry where new marketing & advertising platforms are added to the market on an ongoing basis.


The Outcome

Oxford Communications is now able to present data to clients without limitations. By having Rivery connected to their database, Oxford is able to scale its data needs and save precious time and resources by maintaining all their data sources connected and aligned.

Their bespoke dashboards are a key resource to give clients unprecedented visibility on their campaigns, helping the agency gain an edge over competitors with transparent, accurate and accessible reporting – with a system that enables them to schedule a daily data update for all its customers.

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