Sweet Inn business intelligence generates reports in ⅕ the time with streamlined, automated data flows








  • Sweet Inn chose Rivery to load all of their R&D data hosted on Amazon Postgresql to BigQuery – from loading the data and handling data transformation to adding logics to meet their business intelligence teams’ needs. 
  • Rivery’s fully-managed platform provided a complete solution to streamline Sweet Inn’s DataOps processes – aggregating and orchestrating all their data sources to create a single source of truth, so the business intelligence team could deliver insights fast and serve all their business divisions.
  • Streamlining and automating all their data flows means data is always ready for analysis, and as a result, report generation now takes a fifth of the time for Sweet Inn’s business intelligence team. 



“Reporting since we got Rivery has radically changed for the better. For the BI team, it felt like moving from yesterday’s Windows 95 to Windows 2000. It takes our team a fifth of the time to generate the reports our teams need in order to be able to make the most crucial business decisions.” – David Piazza, Data & BI Analyst, Sweet Inn 

Sweet Inn is changing the way people travel. Combining the best of both worlds, Sweet Inn paired the luxurious accommodation and amenities of a 5-star hotel with beautifully designed apartments, situated in the heart of the most exciting cities in the world.

The travel tech startup was founded in 2014. Active in Europe and in Israel, the company offers upscale vacation apartments with hotel services for tourists and business travelers. Operating in major cities, with a unique vision of the future, Sweet Inn is quickly becoming a leading brand in smart travel.


The Challenge

Sweet Inn’s R&D department used AWS for their data needs, while the BI team relied on Google’s BigQuery to slice and dice business data.

Because of this, the first challenge was loading data from Amazon to BigQuery and running processes on this data, so that it could easily adapt to meet the needs of the BI team.  

The second challenge was for the BI team to adopt a tool that would enable them to aggregate and orchestrate all their data. Since the BI team serves all departments across the company, from Marketing and Product to Sales and Customer Service – they needed a complete solution to streamline all their DataOps processes.


The Solution

The first and most urgent solution that Rivery provided was the ability to import data from R&D, so it could be further manipulated and used for analysis. To achieve this, they had to import data from Amazon Postgresql to Big Query.

Rivery then enabled them to integrate data from multiple sources across all divisions, such as Google Analytics. Google Sheets was easy to integrate with Rivery’s fully-managed API connectors.

For other sources, such as their pricing data tool, the team used Rivery’s REST API. With 180+ pre-built connectors, plus REST API access, Sweet Inn was able to orchestrate and connect all data sources in a centralized BI hub.

As an ELT solution, Rivery helped Sweet Inn improve their company’s DataOps, with a streamlined operation that simplified the reporting processes. Rivery automated all the data flows to ensure data is always ready for analysis and reporting is available for anyone in the business at any time.


The Outcome

The benefits that Rivery brought to Sweet Inn’s team can be described in three words: simplicity, efficiency, and agility. Now having their DataOps under control, Sweet Inn’s team can be fully data driven.

This means simplifying all processes to create and share reports. What’s more, their new system is now programmed to send automatic alerts to the relevant departments when an issue, such as suspected fraud or a pricing discrepancy, arises.

Rivery also saves the BI team precious time. Previously, they had to download CSV files from their PMS system and cross the data manually, which was time consuming and required valuable resources. 

Now, they can easily use Rivery to receive the data in the format they need, with the adaptations required for further processing and analysis. 

It now takes a fifth of the time for the BI team to generate the reports they need. Automating and orchestrating DataOps processes with Rivery is helping them become more efficient at managing their data processes across the company. As a result, Sweet Inn is more data driven and ready to expand with accessible insights across all teams.

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