WalkMe achieves a single repository for all their data in record time with Rivery at the foundation



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Why WalkMe Chose Rivery: 

  • Integrated data means better business decisions
  • Simple and efficient decision-making tool
  • Quick and trouble-free setup
  • No need for third-party tools

The Customer: WalkMe Uses AI to Guide Users through Online Tasks, Step by Step

WalkMe™ is a software innovation that provides users with step-by-step guidance to complete online tasks.

It’s a cloud-based service that simplifies the experience, saving workers many hours and sparing them the frustrations of tackling new or complex technology.

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is driven by machine learning algorithms that understand how humans interact with user interfaces and overcomes the pain points.  

WalkMe™ is used by 2,000 companies globally. It drives higher engagement and adoption of their customers’ software, apps, and websites, and has a positive impact on the daily working lives of 35M employees.  WalkMe™ has offices in San Francisco, Raleigh, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Sydney.

The Challenge: Bringing Together Diverse Data to Provide Better Business Insights

WalkMe™ needed a simple and efficient way to put all its data tools and reporting systems under one virtual roof.

The business was growing and the benefits of a single repository were obvious. This solution wouldn’t just streamline the process, it would open up a new world of insights by bringing together data that had previously been held in separate silos. Most of the business data at the time was Salesforce analytics or SAP reports.

WalkMe™ uses Amazon Redshift as their data warehouse and Tableau as their visualization platform. The company was looking for a simple and efficient decision-making tool that could be used by the entire business, from management to sales and marketing teams.

The Solution: WalkMe Now has Instant Access to all Data Sources, and Total Control over them

Rivery’s out-of-the-box integrations give WalkMe™ immediate access to all their existing data sources, and many more, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter and LinkedIn.

WalkMe™ now has complete control over their own data, no longer relying on the analytics and reporting capabilities of third-party tools that don’t necessarily match their KPIs.

Having sales, marketing, and other customer usage data all in the same place offers new business insights that were previously out of reach.

The Outcome: Quick, Trouble-Free Integration of Business Insights for all Employees

Rivery enables WalkMe™ to swiftly orchestrate their data integration. The single repository has been rolled out across management and key users, and will soon be made available to all 900+ employees.

Data from within the company and from third-party platforms has been integrated without the need for bespoke data integrations, thanks to Rivery’s 190+ data connectors.

The whole process was quick and trouble-free. Users now have instant access to real-time data across the whole organization, which means they’re able to make better-informed decisions.

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