Rivery vs. Talend

Rivery is an end-to-end, fully-managed ELT alternative to Talend.
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Rivery vs. Talend – Overview

About Rivery

Rivery was founded in 2018 from an internal tool at one of the world’s largest data consulting firms. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Tel Aviv, London, and Austin. Rivery is a fully-managed SaaS platform, which provides a unified solution for data ingestion, transformation, and workflow orchestration. The biggest differentiator is the completeness of Rivery’s offering for a modern data platform, combining the ease-of-use of a no-code SaaS with the power and flexibility of a custom-coded solution.

About Talend

Talend is a Java code-based data management tool with a workflow user interface. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. Talend is typically leveraged as an enterprise tool with a suite of data management solutions. Talend charges users per seat, which is a key consideration for growing data teams looking to scale. While Talend offers 1,000+ non-native connectors, their fully-coded, open-source approach comes with a steep learning curve for users who aren’t familiar with their interface. As a legacy data integration tool, Talend includes many different components (many of which from different acquisitions) which complicates further the learning and management process.

Rivery vs. Talend – Features

ETL / ELT Tool


Based on executions and data size

$12k/user/year for starter package

Cloud native and fully managed



Native connectors


1,000+ (non-native)

Connect to any API source



Built-in workflow orchestration



Python transformations



Reverse ETL



Data Model templates (kits)



G2 Rank

4.8 / 5.0

4.2 / 5.0



Rivery’s SaaS offering provides several modern data stack products in a single modern platform. This includes ELT (data ingestion) with over 200+ no-code fully-managed connectors, advanced workflow orchestration, Data transformations via SQL and/or Python, reverse ETL (data activation), and data operations (full support for the development lifecycle/DataOps).


Talend’s solutions include everything from data ingestion and data validation to complex data orchestration and testing APIs for data output. You must download and install the Talend application onto your desktop in order to perform most processes. 

Talend’s products include: 

Talend Cloud Data Integration and Talend Cloud Pipeline (included in Talend Cloud)

Talend Cloud Data Integration and Cloud Pipeline function as part of their web application, which doesn’t require the application server to be self hosted, but it’s mainly considered a workflow orchestration tool. Jobs must still be built on their associated desktop tool and then uploaded to the web application for scheduling. 

Talend Data Fabric (includes Talend Cloud Pipeline)

Talend Data Fabric is Talend’s fully-featured solution, where users must host everything from the application server to the desktop software. The solution comes with a host of functions, including certain AI/ML capabilities, data ingestion, and more.

Rivery vs. Talend – Pricing


Rivery provides both, on-demand pay-as-you-go pricing, and annual contracts. Both pay-as-you-go and annual pricing are available for the starter and standard plans. 

Pricing is based on a credit system, which starts at $0.75 per credit. Database source pricing is based on total volume of data transferred. App and API-source pricing is typically based on the number of pipeline executions. This allows Rivery to transfer savings on database data replication to the customer using a differentiated pricing model. 

Rivery doesn’t charge by the number of databases or tables you’re loading into your data warehouse, nor does it charge by the number of rows or sync frequency.

Rivery’s pricing plans include: 

  • Access to all 200+ fully-managed connectors and to low-code configure your own connectors
  • Unlimited users 
  • Runtime environments 
  • Reverse ETL 
  • Change Data Capture 

Learn more about Rivery pricing on Rivery’s pricing page or click here to learn more about Rivery’s approach to pricing.


Talend Cloud entry level is $12k/user/year or $1170/user/year with unlimited usage. Talend Data Fabric offers custom pricing, which is more expensive than their Talend Cloud offering. These includes many add-ons including for support packages, additional tokens and features. 

Rivery vs. Talend – Support


Rivery offers 24/7 global support as well as onboarding services and dedicated customer success services, which vary by plan. Support is engineering led and year over year, Rivery has been awarded “Easiest to do Business with” by G2 in the category of ETL tools. 

Rivery’s G2 user rating for quality of support is 9.9/10, the highest in its category with an industry average of 8.5/10 for ETL tools on G2. 


Talend offers support through their documentation, Talend community, as well as through an online ticketing system. 

Talend’s Data Integration G2 user rating for quality of support is 7.1/10 with an industry average of 8.6/10 for on-premise data integration tools on G2. 

Rivery vs. Talend – Summary


Talend is worth considering for large, enterprise teams, supported by seasoned Java developers. The tool offers a suite of data management solutions for different use cases, but long learning curves, mediocre support and pricing remains a key consideration with per seat pricing and infrastructure overhead costs. 

Key benefits when evaluating Talend include:

  • Robust data orchestration capabilities
  • Some AI/ML capabilities, allowing data scientists to execute trained ML models
  • Data governance
  • Big data streaming
  • The ability to treat sources as destinations 

Limitations of Talend include: 

  • Desktop design reliance 
  • Infrastructure overhead 
  • Complex configuration and workflow creation 
  • Non-native connectors
  • Long learning curves


Rivery is a modern data platform, designed for beginners and experts alike. Non-software experts such as BI or data analysts can easily connect to data sources without coding knowledge. Experts such as data engineers or analytics engineers can create advanced data pipelines and workflows with the power and flexibility of a custom-coded solution via SQL or Python.

Ease of use within Rivery ensures workflows are simple to build and adapt, while Talend workflows have been known to become overly complex and difficult to maintain over time. 

Unlike Talend, Rivery is a complete SaaS tool, so you don’t need to worry about maintenance, architecture upgrades, etc. Rivery offers simple data consumption-based pricing with unlimited users on every plan, whereas Talend prices per seat.

Rivery’s modern approach to data management, allow data teams to accelerate and deliver data to business users 7.5X faster, with fewer engineers and at a lower cost.

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