Vardit Jonasz
FEB 3, 2021
5 min read
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10 Reasons Why Data-Driven Agencies Choose Rivery


In order to prove their value, agencies must make marketing decisions for their clients, track KPIs, and quantify the impact of these decisions.

But with so many different clients and priorities, agencies must often manage and manipulate tons of different data sources simultaneously. That’s why most successful agencies adopt a modern data stack, usually consisting of the following:

  • A data management platform to centralize and transform data
  • A cloud data warehouse to serve as a single-source-of-truth
  • A business intelligence platform to visualize data and analytics


The foundation of any data stack is always a data management platform.

And for agencies, Rivery is often the go-to ELT data management platform for ten reasons in particular. Read the full list below. Also, check out these key Case Studies from some of our leading agency customers:


1. 150+ Plug-and-Play Data Connectors

Rivery offers 150+ pre-built data connectors, so agencies can get up-and-running instantly, and start demonstrating value to clients right away.

Collect and centralize data, report campaign performance, and mesh data from CRM systems and on-premise databases to quickly deliver unique and incisive insights to clients. Rivery also offers total flexibility in writing to different data warehouses, databases, storage systems, and applications.


2. No Native Connector – No Problem – BYOC

Agencies can build their own custom data connectors, for any API data source, using Rivery’s Action Rivers.

An Action River is simply an interface for accessing Rivery’s REST API. Agencies can interact with, pull data from, or push data to Rivery’s REST API with Action Rivers. Once actions modules are created, agencies can use them within any data model flow.

Our agency clients have built connections to many applications with Action Rivers, such as Slack, MailChimp, AdMob, Salesforce, Asana, Greenhouse, and Intercom, just to name a few.


3. Webhooks – Access & Analyze Data in Real-Time

Marketing agencies often need to access and analyze a client’s data in real-time.

That’s why Rivery Webhooks enables real-time data capture for any data source. In Rivery, webhooks operate like any other data source.

To facilitate webhooks, Rivery provides an endpoint that streams webhooks data. Rivery Webhooks ensures that data is always fresh and up-to-date, so stakeholders can make decisions and perform analysis with the most pertinent data.


4. External Connection via Link – No More Managing Client Credentials

Agencies managing multiple brands usually face challenges obtaining clients’ application credentials for data sources in a secure way. Additionally, many clients may not prefer to share their credentials.

They would rather enter the credentials themselves. With Rivery, clients can use a private link to provide credentials. This allows clients to provide their credentials for data sources without the involvement of the agency. This not only eliminates the headache of credential management, this also enhances security.


5. Programmatic Data Modeling

Programmatic Data Modeling enables agencies to create and execute data pipelines, data transformations, and other key Rivery capabilities programmatically.

Create connections, configurations, and run rivers using our REST API. Agencies can onboard new clients seamlessly with Rivery under-the-hood and scale quickly!


6. Subrivers – Run Data Operations from a Single River

Agencies often need to replicate the same pipeline setup for each source and account they manage (e.g. all brands I manage have an Instagram account).

Subrivers allow agencies to create a main river as a template and run it with different configurations. Keep your data organized, save time, and improve efficiency.


7. Environments – Build Data Workspaces for Each Client

Agencies managing multiple brands can easily create one environment per client, grant access and permissions, and migrate resources (such as rivers, connections, and variables) from one environment to another.

Environments can serve as individualized workspaces, delivering data to any team, internal or external, technical or non-technical.


8. Transform Data to Meet Client Requirements

Many clients, many needs – clients can be very particular on how they want the data to be presented, merged, sliced, and diced.

Rivery’s transformation & orchestration engines allow agencies to completely control the way the data is formatted. Perform SQL-based transformations directly inside your cloud data warehouse to provide clients with business-ready data.


9. Templates – Instant Data Models! (Coming Soon)

Templates are pre-built data models, provided by Rivery, that allow agencies to get up-and-running right away.

Instantly deploy all the data pipelines, SQL transformations, and other infrastructure needed to build your data operation. Take advantage of Rivery’s templates for social media, marketing analytics, and many other common use cases for agencies. Now showing value to clients is practically instantaneous!


10. Last, but Not Least – We are Customer Obsessed!

Our customers are the anchor that aligns our actions.

Being customer obsessed is a journey and a decision that every employee at Rivery breathes day in and out. Agencies are an important part of our client base and we are actively listening to you, your pains and desires, we always strive to solve your problems as soon as we can.

We are a team of analysts at heart so we truly serve our clients!

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