Itamar Ben Hemo
MAR 29, 2021
5 min read
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These are exciting times at Rivery! We just announced our $16 million Series A funding round, led by Entree Capital and existing investor State Of Mind Ventures (SOMV).

Several factors catapulted us to this new level, but none was as important as our customers. Rivery has reached new heights, and the reason is very clear: we are here because our customers put us here.

From AB Inbev, with over 630 beer brands, to Veolia, with over 300,000 employees, to Bayer, with $43 billion in revenue, some of the world’s largest organizations have turned to Rivery to manage their data. This includes the massive non-profit American Cancer Society, fintech intelligence firm Preqin, global real estate investor EMAAR, food product manufacturer Mars, award-winning publications, such as US News & World Report and BuzzFeed, and many more.

Rivery’s hundreds of customers represent the full diversity of today’s digital economy. Our customers are richly varied, but they all turn to Rivery for the same reason. They want to control their data, so they can win with data.

“My mission in BI is to create a single source of truth for the company,” said Shmuel Milavski, Head of BI at WalkMe, a Rivery customer. “BI powers decisions being made by every team, so I rely on Rivery to control my DataOps, which frees me to focus on delivering insights.”

Rivery always operates with a customer-first mindset. For years, this mindset was absent in the industry. Back then, ETL tools lacked not only the technology, but also the services component, that would allow companies to succeed. Companies had to solve specific use cases on their own, and pray that the software did not stop working.

Rivery took a different approach. As a true SaaS company, Rivery built the customer-first mindset into our DNA. Rivery intertwined a superior platform with customer-centric services and functionality. Everything in our SaaS platform was and is inspired by our customers and what their needs are.

As a result, Rivery now leads the industry in key customer priorities, from one-on-one bespoke support, to solutions architecting, to on-demand platform features, and much more. Rivery has inaugurated a new era of customer-driven DataOps, because our clients pushed us to continually up our game.

Here’s the truth: When our customers win, we win. We’ve shaped our entire company around this idea.

We want our customers to win, at whatever they’re doing, whether they’re building a data lake, powering a machine learning model, or delivering data and analytics to stakeholders across a company. By focusing on providing successful outcomes for our customers, Rivery has reached a new dimension, technologically and service-wise. Our relationships with our customers are always win-win, from start to finish.

So, to our customers: Thank you!

We couldn’t have reached this Series A without you. Everything that we accomplished, anything that we improved, was because you’ve pushed Rivery to be the best we can be. All the growth and enhancements that led to this Series A only came about because of your amazing loyalty, insight, and support.

Looking forward, Rivery will continue to abide by our customer-first philosophy as we take our company to the next stage. To hit the Series B that we’re aiming for, we’re going to need to rely more than ever on our greatest asset: our customers. You’ve already shaped this company into what it is; now, together, we can reach new peaks.

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