Daniel Greenberg
FEB 8, 2021
5 min read
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The combination of Rivery and Snowflake helps some of the world’s most successful data-driven companies orchestrate their DataOps processes seamlessly.

For some of these businesses, their biggest challenge was to load data from across all their sources to their Snowflake data cloud.

For others it was about automating the ETL process to ensure data, which comes in all shapes and sizes, could be stored in a way to be ready for insights whenever a data analyst requires access.

And for others, it was about creating a centralized data repository – a single source of truth to centralize data operations, data lineage, and data governance.

Whatever the initial use case, the reality is that once these companies implemented the combination of Snowflake and Rivery as the backbone of their data stack, the way in which they manage and orchestrate data ingestion processes has completely changed.

Not only in terms of agility and cost efficiencies, but also in terms of bringing simplicity to freely play with data and create more sophisticated and effective data models that help these businesses thrive.


4 Leading Companies Using Rivery + Snowflake at the heart of their DataOps:



Data visibility was a core concern of Bayer, and Rivery offered the company a new tier of transparency. Rivery provided the entire response from every endpoint, so Bayer could harness the most granular data.

The Rivery Customer Success Team also worked with Bayer to rebuild certain data formatting from the other solution, but with more detail and more options to customize. This improved the quality of data fed to Snowflake, and this enhanced analytics and insights downstream.

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Rivery’s Salesforce Multi-Tables automates the migration of Salesforce tables into Snowflake.

This capability turns the complex and intensive process of migrating Salesforce tables into a few simple clicks on the user’s end.

By eliminating this typically laborious process, Rivery ingests more Salesforce data into Snowflake, at a faster rate, while improving the efficiency and smoothness of the overall data operation.

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At first, Preqin tried a competing data ingestion tool. However, the competing tool’s pricing was not transparent, and the tool’s change data capture (CDC) mechanism was not compatible with Preqin’s backend.

That’s when Preqin turned to Rivery. Preqin connected all of its internal and external data sources to Snowflake in a few clicks.

Rivery came with 150+ pre-built data connectors out-of-the-box, enabling Preqin to connect data sources with plug-and-play functionality.

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Prior to Rivery, Entravision had to hire external consultants to develop customized ERP and CRM reports.

Business users relied on VLOOKUP to combine Excel spreadsheets from various data systems. But after adopting Rivery, Entravision’s BI team was able to quickly and easily write reports using SQL and serve them to stakeholders in simple dashboards.

After researching multiple data pipeline solutions, Entravision discovered that Rivery met the team’s needs – and then some. With built-in connectors, a scheduling tool, and the ability to push SQL directly into the database warehouse, Rivery laid the foundations for robust operational reporting.

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Digital transformation is no longer a nice addition, but a priority for global enterprise businesses.

Managing data efficiently across brands, divisions, and teams is the foundation of any digitized organization. Leveraging the best tools to optimize the way data is stored, managed and shared is a business imperative.

The combination of Rivery + Snowflake is testament to the way modern data teams can greatly improve the way in which organizations leverage data and democratize access to insights across their teams.

We look forward to furthering our collaboration with our partners at Snowflake to help more leading businesses orchestrate their data efficiently to create the ultimate DataOps ecosystem for their organizations.

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