DEC 13, 2021

The Monday.com Kit pulls in source data to the data warehouse from multiple reports. The logic within the kit uses some of these reports to recreate your Monday.com boards as views within the database.

If no specific boards are selected in the source reports, the Kit will create a table for each Monday.com board. To get specific boards as tables in the data warehouse, you will need to filter the Monday – Boards report. That is the table that provides the logic with what boards to recreate. In the database, each board’s table will have the prefix “Monday_Board_…”.

The subitems within a Monday.com board are all combined into one Subitems board per Parent board. The Subitem_ID within these boards will map to the parents’ boards using the Subitem_ID_List column. If a board does not have subitems, it is considered an Individual board and will not have the Subitem_ID or Subitem_ID_List fields within the board.

Watch our demo on how to use the Monday.com Kit here!

This Kit includes…

Data ingestion rivers for the following Monday.com reports:

A master orchestration logic river that recreates each Monday.com board and subitems board within the data warehouse.

Minimum RPU Consumption: 7

For more information on the kit, see the data flow and data model diagrams below. 

Configuring this Kit for use


In this Kit, there are two variables that are used to make for dynamic use of target configuration. 

  • {Dataset_Monday} is used in all Target configurations and queries as the target Dataset ID.
  • {Monday_Alert_Group} is used as the alert email address(es) for when a river fails.

Go to the Variables menu on the left side navigation bar and create variables for Dataset_Monday and Monday_Alert_Group. Then fill in the values as the BigQuery dataset ID where you would like the data to land and the email address(es) to which you would like the failure emails sent.


Kits are imported with ‘blank’ source and target connections. In order to use the Kit, you have two options:

  • Swap out blank connections with existing connections
  • Add credentials to the blank connections that come with the imported Kit

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