By Taylor Mcgrath

Social Media Analytics

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The Social Media Analytics template brings all of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter organic performance metrics together in order to enable social insight analysis and tracking across all platforms, accounts, and posts. This enables standardized, cross-channel analysis and performance tracking.

This kit includes…

  • Data ingestion rivers for the following entity and statistical reports
    • Facebook Pages: Post-level insights data from Facebook Social
    • Facebook Posts: Post-level insights data from Facebook Social
    • Instagram Pages: Page-level insights data from Instagram Social. 
    • Instagram Posts: Post-level insights data from Instagram Social.
    • Twitter Tweet Details: Tweet metadata and user account insights from Twitter Ads (organic tweets)
    • Twitter Tweet Activity: Statistic report from Twitter Ads (organic tweets)
  • Logic that orchestrates and transforms the raw social data to create a data model across the three platforms

Configuring this kit for use


In this Kit, there are two variables that are used to make for dynamic use of target configuration. 

{BLOCK_DB} and {BLOCK_SCHEMA} are used in all Target configurations and queries as the target database and schema names.

Go to the Variables menu on the left side navigation bar and create variables for BLOCK_DB and BLOCK_SCHEMA. Then fill in the value as the Snowflake database and schema where you would like the data to land.


Kits are imported with ‘blank’ source and target connections. In order to use the Kit, you have two options:

  • Swap out blank connections with existing connections
  • Add credentials to the blank connections that come with the imported template

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