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Customer Spotlight: Entravision

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Customer Spotlight: Entravision


Entravision Communications is a leading global media company that reaches and engages U.S. Latin Americans as well as consumers in Mexico and Latam. The company’s comprehensive portfolio incorporates integrated media and marketing solutions comprised of television, radio, digital properties, events, and data analytics services. Entravision has 55 primary television stations and is the largest affiliate group of both the Univision and UniMás television networks. 

Their digital advertising unit is the #1-ranked online advertising platform in Hispanic reach according to comScore, and Entravision’s digital group also includes Headway, a leading provider of mobile, programmatic, data and performance digital marketing solutions primarily in the United States, Mexico and other markets in Latin America. In addition, the company owns and operates 49 primarily Spanish-language radio stations featuring nationally recognized talent, as well as the Entravision Audio Network and Entravision Solutions, a coast-to-coast national spot and network sales and marketing organization representing Entravision owned and operated, as well as its affiliate partner, radio stations.

The Challenge

Entravision’s BI team’s challenge was combining various data sets in order to enable operational reporting. With the transition from premise to cloud software for ERP and CRM data was no longer residing in on-site SQL servers and reporting required end-users to scale a steep learning curve.

The BI team needed to create a data warehouse to collect, transform, manipulate, and serve business data to all stakeholders in operations, sales, and finance.  To do this, they needed to find a hands-off data integration solution to extract and load their various data sets into the warehouse automatically.

The Solution

After researching and demoing multiple data pipeline solutions, Entravision felt Rivery offered the best feature set with built-in connectors, a scheduling tool, and the ability to push SQL code to the database warehouse. The BI team was able to quickly configure the tool to connect and load their various data sources. Rivery had an additional feature, that solved a specific problem with one of their data sets. They were able to combine over one hundred nearly identical tables into one destination table with a single “river”.

Combining Tableau as their visualization and reporting tool with Snowflake as their database warehouse, Entravision’s BI stack was completed with Rivery’s seamless and automated data pipeline.

The Outcome

The BI team at Entravision currently has over 150 “rivers” running on Rivery with schedules ranging from multiple times per day to once a month.  Some simply push data while other “logic” rivers pass SQL code to transform data. This automated data pipeline has freed the team from tedious, manual ETL tasks and enabled them to focus on presenting and analyzing data.

In the past the company had to hire external consultants to develop customized ERP and CRM reports and business users relied on VLOOKUP to combine Excel spreadsheets from various systems. Today, with their new data pipeline, the BI team is able to quickly and easily write reports using SQL and serve them to users and management in simple dashboards. 

In just three months, the combination of Snowflake, Rivery, and Tableau has given Entravision the ability to orchestrate their business data processes more effectively. With Rivery, Entravision can use their BI stack in the most optimal way, saving time from tedious, manual tasks. Most importantly, their serverless data platform enables them to be in control of all their data so it can be gathered, transformed, and shared efficiently.