Pre-built data workflow templates, at your fingertips.

Rivery Starter Kits provide pre-engineered, end-to-end workflow templates with data models, pipelines, transformations, table schemas, and orchestration logic.
These ready-made Kits can be changed or customized to fit your company’s data needs. They are the best starting point to leverage existing data workflows that are proven to be effective in their specific use cases.
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    What is a Rivery kit?

    Rivery kits are templated data workflows, designed to help you accelerate your data pipeline development. They often combine the data ingestion, transformation, and orchestration processes required for a certain data workflow.

    How can I use a Rivery kit?

    Using kits is easy. Once you choose to use a kit from the kits menu of your Rivery account, you simply need to select or define connections for the sources and targets used within the kit. Some kits requires variables setup or some other steps as instructed within the kit page. Watch this short video to see an example.

    Can I modify a Rivery kit?

    Yes! Rivery kits are designed to be open templates that can be easily modified to your specific needs. For example, if you want to change the data model produced by a kit, simply open the required logic SQL step and modify the query to your specific needs.

    What are the differences between the types of kits?

    Data Model kits combine data transformation logic on top of a known data source or sources to transform the data so it’s ready for analytics.
    Community Connector kits are designed to pull data from custom sources using action rivers and Rivery’s REST API source to target rivers. These kits makes it easy to use those connectors. All they require is downloading the kit to your Rivery account and configuring your own credentials and variables used in the kit. Watch this short video to see an example.
    Data Activation kits contain workflows that support the creation of Reverse ETL processes or orchestration processes that integrate different systems together with Rivery.

    Can I ask for or contribute a kit?

    Yes. You can ask for a new kit using the following form. If you have a solution you would like to share with others in the form of a kit, please contact your Rivery’s customer success team or fill out this form to share your suggestion.

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